July 5, 2009

Food Town Savings 7/4

I went to Food Town today to get some great deals on chicken and check out their everyday prices along with other sale prices. I was pleased to see that store milk was $1.99 a gallon just like other local stores. Also discovered that a dozen jumbo brown eggs was only $1.19 and a dozen white medium eggs were $0.77. I don't know if this was a sale or everyday price since the sign didn't specify. The meat I got was very fresh looking along with other meat that I looked at. I don't know why I have waited this long to check out this store but I know I will be back. It isn't right down the road like the Krogers I go to but on a good sale week it's worth the trip. Also if I am over at Randall's that is near there during a good sale week it will be worth the time to stop in as well. I also was able to sign up for their ad to be mailed to me since I don't receive it in the mail along with my other weekly ads. The customer service was great and coupons are very welcome as well. It takes a little longer since they don't scan them instead they type them in but they are really quick about it. Also in their ad you can find in store coupons as well. They don't triple or double but with a good sale you could get a great deal. Let me show you how I did on my first trip.

5 Dt. Coke 12ct $14.95 - $2.99 In Store Coupon for buying 4 getting fifth free = $11.96
3 1lb (A little more than a lb) Boneless Chicken $6.46 - $1.00 M.C. x's 3 = $3.46
1 5lb Chicken Drumsticks $4.00 (Est. $0.80 a lb!)
1 Bar S 8ct Jumbo Beef Corn Dogs $1.99
1 Tyson Beef Steak Fingers $4.99 - $1.00 M.C. = $3.99 (Cheaper than Dairy Queen)
1 Coffee Mate Light $2.55 - $0.50 M.C. = $2.05
20 Kool Aid Packets $2.00
2 4lb Imperial Sugar $3.32 - $2.00 M.C. for buying 10 Kool Aid x's 2 = -0.68 Overage
3 Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix $1.00
1 French's Mustard $1.00 - $0.50 = $0.50 (Not free like Kroger deals but it was twice the size)

OOP: $31.47
Saved: $12.21