August 20, 2009

Great Customer Service

Recently I had an issue with a bag of Hashbrowns from Simply Potatoes not cooking as they should according to the directions. Well I decided to contact Simply Potatoes to let them know what happened in hopes that perhaps it was something on my end and they could help me from making the same mistake since the burning of the hashbrowns happened twice to me at this point despite my best efforts to prevent it from happening. After e-mails and discussion they determined that I did follow their directions and they were going to pass my information on to the test kitchen to see if they could find out what was going on. For my troubles they were going to mail out some coupons for future purchases. Well the other day I received my letter from stating what stated in their e-mail and 2 free up to $4.00 on any Simply Potatoes products and 1 $0.55 off 1 Simply Potatoes product. I was very pleased with their customer service at Simply Potatoes and it reminded me that there are company's out there that do value your opinion good or bad. I am going to purchase some items and see what happens with them. I am hoping to have good success so I can send a praising e-mail to them. So if you have every have problems with a product don't hesitate to e-mail customer service they may be able to help. Also when you have great success at a store or with a product let the company also know they like getting positive e-mails and letters.