September 6, 2009

Mailbox Monday 9/7

Not a lot this week in the mail but there were some good freebies to be had.

Nestle Planning Calendar w/ Coupons - You can sign up here. (While Supplies Last)

Kraft School Calendar w/ Coupons - You can sign up here. (While Supplies Last)

Kroger Home Mailer with $1.00 M.C. for El Monterey Tornado Product

Kotex Product Samples including coupons and one that is a Kroger Store Coupon

For more great Mail Box Freebies please visit A Frugal Friend!


A Frugal Friend said...

Hi.....glad you're joining us again this week! I'll be on the lookout for that Kroger mailer....did you also get the one I received on the Budget meals? I'm curious if people get different ones sent to them.

Happy Labor Day!

Frugality Mom said...

Thank you so much for hosting this! I love seeing what others get and it helps to see if I am missing out on any goodies. I haven't gotten the one on the Budget Meals but I noticed my Kroger Magazines sometimes show up later than others. I am hoping I get it, the coupons look really good.

tds said...

I don't live in "Kroger country" but have an affiliate where I shop...I wish they would send out the same cool stuff you folks get from Kroger!

Mellisa said...

Oh I wish that I had a Kroger near me. I have heard all about their sales. Happy Mailbox Monday!

Frugality Mom said...

Yes Kroger's does spoil me so and I am going to miss them when I move at the end of the year.

Melissa said...

I love Kroger mailers, especially since I finally figured out why I wasn't receiving them! (I had my old address on file, so I guess someone else was enjoying them.)