October 19, 2009

Walgreens Savings 10/18

I am loving my Walgreens right now!  With the right amount of help thanks to A Full Cup I am bringing home the deals this month.

Transaction 1
1 Printer Paper 400ct $3.49
1 Zantac 24ct $8.99
2 Yardley Lavendar Soap $2.98
2 Glade Candles $5.00
3 Halloween Pencils $1.17

Total: $21.63

$5.00 Zanac I.P.
$1.00 Glade x's 2
$0.78 Pencils In Ad Coupon
$1.60 Yadley In Ad Coupon
$2.00 R.R. J&J x's 2
$2.00 R.R. Dentek x's 2
$3.00 R.R. Chapstick
$1.00 R.R. Halls

OOP: $0.25
Saved: $23.95
Earned: $9.00 R.R. Zantac and $1.00 R.R. Glade

Transaction 2
2 Glade Candles $5.00
1 Halls Refresh $1.00
1 Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion $6.99

Total: $12.99

$1.50 Vaseline I.P.
$1.00 Glade x's 2
$9.00 R.R. Zantac

OOP: $0.49
Saved: $15.67
Earned: $1.00 R.R. Halls, $1.00 R.R. Glade, and $7.00 R.R. Vaseline


Thankfully Thrifty said...

How does a Full Cup work? I'm on it but have yet to figure it out!

Frugality Mom said...

I have found the posts by sleepy832where they discuss how to roll the R.R. you have currently to be really useful. They even explain what deals are great to do if you are just starting out and how to build up to the bigger rewards available that month. Also there is a list showing which brands belong to which companies so you know that if you use for example a Unilever R.R. from the Ragu deal last week on the Vaseline monthly deal this week the R.R. for Vaseline wouldn't print since it's a Unilever brand. I hope I explained that correctly. I am still learning the ropes and trying to figure things out. I have also found it useful to google a company and look at the bottom to see what company they belong to in order to make sure I am using the correct R.R. for my transactions. It was confusing for me until I figured which brands belong to which company so I didn't use a R.R. from the same company to buy it. If you need more help I will be glad to help you. :)