October 25, 2009

Walgreens Savings 10/25

Some good deals this week to be had and of course the monthly ones are still going on.  I did two transactions this morning and then did another one this afternoon.  Had a run in with the cashier this afternoon when the R.R. didn't print and all she had to say was it was because I used a R.R. to pay.  I had the manager come to the front and she was the one who checked me out in the morning when I used a R.R. to pay and got some back.  She returned the items that were supposed to produce R.R. and went to the register I checked out in the morning and made the cashier ring them up again and sure enough out popped my R.R.  The cashier of course tried to look shocked but was very rude about it, grunted at me and that was it.  If I would have been a first timer at this then I would have believed her but from reading A Full Cup and understanding how this works I was prepared.  I did thank the manager for humoring me and she was very glad to see that it worked and she was looking at the messed up machine when I left.  I just wonder how many others walked away without their R.R. because of this.

Transaction 1
4 Dove Shampoo's $19.96
4 Dove Conditioners $19.96
1 Beano To Go $2.49
2 Walgreens Orange Slices $1.98

Total: $44.39

$19.96 Dove B1G1
$1.50 Dove Conditioner x's 4
$1.00 Dove Shampoo x's 3 (Had 4 but 1 was apparently missed)
$0.99 Walgreens Orange Slices B1G1
$2.50 R.R. Roitussion
$1.00 R.R. Halls
$9.00 Zantac

OOP: $1.94
Saved: $43.45
Earned: $2.50 R.R. Beano and $10.00 R.R. Dove

Transaction 2
1 Vaseline Sheer Infusion $6.99
1 Beano To Go $2.49
1 Chapstick $2.99
2 Walgreens Orange Slices $1.98

Total: $14.45

$1.50 Vaseline I.P.
$2.50 Robitussion R.R.
$9.00 Zantac R.R.
$0.99 Walgreens Orange Slices B1G1

OOP: $0.46
Saved: $14.99
Earned: $7.00 R.R. Vaseline and $3.00 R.R.

Transaction 3
1 Dulcolax $7.00
1 Halls Refresh $1.00
1 Fiber Choice $2.49
1 Robitussion To Go $2.49
1 Dove Candy Bar $0.89

Total: $13.87

$3.00 Dulcolax (On Bottle)
$10.00 R.R.

OOP: $0.87
Saved: $16.08
Earned: $4.00 R.R. Dulcolax, $2.50 R.R. Robitussion, $2.50 R.R. Fiber Choice, and $1.00 R.R. Halls