November 3, 2009

Walgreens Savings 11/3

Went to Walgreens once this morning on my way to work to see if the Almay at that store was ringing up B1G1 or B1 Get 1 50% as advertised.  That store was doing the advertised deal so I didn't do as well as I wanted to but I went by the store near M's karate lesson to do Almay Pure Blends again since there are monthly R.R. for these and even with the B1 Get 1 50% it's still a small money maker when rolling R.R.  To my suprise and delight the second store was B1G1! I am going to make sure to go back before Saturday do the deal again in hopes it will still be B1G1.

Transaction 1
2 Almay One Coast Mascara $13.98
1 Halloween Window Cling $0.37
1 Almay Pure Blend Foundation $9.99
2 Herbel Esence Shampoo and Conditioner $7.00
1 Almay Pure Blend Lip Gloss $7.99

Total: $39.33

$8.00 Almay One Coat I.V.C. November Coupon Book
$3.50 Herbel Essence Home Mailer
$1.00 Herbel Essence M.C.
$3.50 Almay One Coat 50%
$4.00 Almay Pure Blend 50%
$2.00 R.R.
$2.50 R.R. x's 2
$1.00 R.R.
$4.00 R.R.

OOP: $7.93
Saved: $35.20

Earned: $10.00 R.R. Almay Pure Blend Foundation, $5.00 R.R. Almay Pure Blend Lip Gloss, and $2.00 Herbel Essence
So after earning the $5.00 R.R. I only lost $2.93.  It could have been better but I couldn't have gotten the mascara cheaper any where else

Transaction 2
1 Almay Pure Blend Foundation $9.99
1 Almay Pure Blend Eye Shadow $7.49
3 Hunt's Tomato Sauce $2.97
1 Dove Candy Bar $0.89

Total: $21.34

$7.49 Almay B1G1
$1.97 Hunt's In Ad Coupon
$4.00 R.R. x's 2
$1.00 R.R.
$2.50 R.R.

OOP: $0.38
Saved: $20.96
Earned: $10.00 Almay Pure Blend Foundation and $5.00 Almay Pure Blend Eye Shadow
I feel that the $3.50 M.M. on this deal made up for the $2.93 I lost on the first deal after R.R.