October 19, 2010

Walgreens Savings

A little bit behind showing you what I got this week at Walgreens.  There are several good deals, including freebies after R.R.  One thing I have learned since I started hard core couponing that even if it's free it might not be a deal for me.  Plus I live in an area that taxes before coupons so free isn't actually free, I still pay the taxes on it.  If I lived in an area that taxed after coupons then I would jump on more deals especially the free ones.  Of course sometimes it might not be something I could use but I think if it's something that could be donated to a shelter.  I currently have a bag full of deodarants that I won't use quickly enough so I will be taking them down to the local woman's shelter where they will be used and are needed.  So this week I focused on things I needed and passed on somethings that though it was a good deal it wasn't something I neeeded at the moment or could use.

4 Nivea For Men Body Wash $10.00 Minus $3.00 M.C. 10/17 R.P. x's 4
4 Glade Candles $12.00 Minus $3.00 B1G1 M.C. 9/26 S.S x's 2
4 Dt. Coke $14.00
2 Pringls $3.00
2 Oreo Cookies $6.00 Minus $1.00 M.C.
1 Listerine Agent Blue $2.99 Minus $1.00 M.C.

I also used two $3.00 R.R. that I had from a previous trip.

O.O.P. $21.51 ($3.52 was taxes)
Earned: $5.00 R.R. (Coke, Pringles, and Oreos) and $1.00 R.R. (Listerine)
Saved: $56.04

I was just going to get the Dt. Coke since it's the same price I pay normally at Wal-Mart but when I discovered that I could buy a few more items I would get a $5 R.R. the deal got better.  For $3 more than just buying the Dt. Coke I was able to get 2 Pringles and 2 Oreos breaking them down to $0.75 each!  The Nivea was free minus the taxes and since my store gives me overage I applied it to the candles which were $2 for the four of them minus the taxes.  The Listerine I paid $0.99 for after coupon and R.R.  So it was a higher money day for me but I got the pop at my normal price plus a few other wanted/needed items.  Also I was able to save over $50 for the items I did get.  Most weeks I don't spend over $5 including tax and this week was the same if you take out the pop I normally buy at Wal-Mart.  Next week there seems to be some good deals coming up and I will focus rolling the R.R. I have and keeping my out of pocket expense as low as possible.