August 26, 2009

New Lunchables Combination Review

(Image courtesy of Impulsive Buy)

I was in a need for something quick to pack for lunch today since I was running late. I spotted M's lunchables that I got as part of the Lunchable's House Party that I held this past weekend. Well I knew I didn't want the pizza so I grabbed the turkey sub variety. It isn't a huge meal but there is still plenty in there for sensible lunch on the go for an adult. It comes with turkey lunch meat, slices of cheese, a generous packet of Fat Free Kraft Mayo, a bun, a packet of Mini Nilla Wafers, Tree Top Applesauce, 8oz Water, Spoon, and a single serve packet of Kool Aid. The sub was pretty tasty and the applesauce was delicious. The Nilla Wafers were a nice treat at the end of the meal. They normally sell for around $3.89 but there are coupons in the 8/23 inserts offering a $1.00 off when you buy 1. A complete sensible meal for less than $3.00 is a great compared to what you can spend on eating out at lunch time. There are other varieties available and you can find the complete list here. I like that these are better for you and I feel good offering these to M as a lunch choice.

Has anyone else had an opportunity to try these yet? Let me know what you think in a comment below.

*This review is of my own doing and I was not paid to do this.