October 27, 2009

Walgreens Savings 10/27

Made a trip to Walgreens tonight while M was at Karate practice and ran into a few problems when checked out by a manager.  First he wouldn't allow 2 $1.25 off 2 Quaker due to the fact two were free.  Ok that I can understand, no biggie.  I got to my car and realized I forgot to have the Dove coupon scanned.  I went back in thinking quick return and redo.  Nope the manager said if used the in ad coupon and the manufacture coupon I would be getting it free and that was not allowed.  I smiled nicely and explained they would still be paid for them even if I did get them for free.  Bascially I was called a thief and that's when I said fine do the return and I will go to the one up the street where they offer much more friendly customer service. So I picked up M and went to the other one, got the Dove and did did another transaction of the Dulcolax and Hall's using the R.R. from Quaker.  I had much better service there and the sweet guy who checked me out reminded me of the coupons on and was concerned at first when he didn't see the coupon on the Dulcolax until he saw it in my hand.

Transaction 1
4 Quaker Oats Quick Cook $10.00
1 Dulcolax $7.00
1 Halls Refresh $1.00
1 Fiber Choice $2.49
1 Nabisco Cakesters $1.19

Total: $21.68

$3.62 Quaker B1G1 (Not for sure on the math of the register)
$3.00 Dulcolax
$1.25 off 2 Quaker
$7.00 R.R. Dove
$3.00 R.R. Chapstick

OOP: $3.81
Saved: $25.95
Earned: $4.00 Dulcolax, $1.00 Halls, $5.00 Quaker, and $2.50 Fiber Choice R.R.

Transaction 2
3 Dove Beauty Bars $2.97 (Had the money from return and use of coupons)
1 Dulcolax $7.00
1 Halls Refresh $1.00

Total: $10.97

$3.00 Dulcolax
$5.00 R.R. Quaker

OOP: $2.97
Saved: $12.88
Earned: $4.00 Dulcolax and $1.00 Halls R.R.

So after the retrun and doing the math, my O.O.P was actually $3.39.  First transaction was $5.58, return got back $5.16, and then second I spent 2.97.  After the r.r. for fiber choice my loss is $0.89 which is not bad after what I went through to get there.