February 15, 2010

Mailbox Monday 2/15

It's another Monday which means it's time to check out what I got  free in the mail this week!

Ladies Home Journal
Woman's Day

Kellogg's coupon for any free Kellogg's product up to $5.99 in response to an e-mail sent concerning some bad cereal I had recieved.  Thanks Kellogg's your customer service rocks!

Other Items:
2010 Pillsubry Calendar for signing up for their newsletter

To see what everybody else is getting free in their mailboxes go check out


Ashleigh said...

That's a great coupon! I had that problem with Cheerios actually. A coupon should be coming to me for that too! :)

Frugality Mom said...

I was very pleased with their response and the way they handled things. This was the first time I had this problem but figured it wouldn't hurt to e-mail them to at least let them know what happened.

Post Grad said...

Love Woman's Day. Supposed to get mine soon. Good week. Happy Mailbox Monday!

Debra said...

Awesome customer service......I think companies really want to know the bad stuff that happens so that can fix it....otherwise they lose an opportunity.

Happy Mailbox Monday!!

Frugality Mom said...

I love getting Woman't Day not only for the coupons that are found in there each month but also for the great reciepes and wonderful ideas.

Frugality Mom said...

I agree Debra if we don't let companies know there is a problem they won't know and won't have the opportunity to fix things. I also make sure to also let companies know when I am pleased with their products because they need to hear the good too.

Maria Lopez said...

wow the Kellog coupon is great!! good for them to take care of their costumers. Happy MM

Frugality Mom said...

Maria I was very pleased with what they sent. When I e-mailed them I wasn't expecting a coupon let alone one worth that much and for any Kellogg product.

tds said...

Nice! I like hearing that a "giant" corporation is concerned with their customer experience. Happy Mailbox Monday!

Frugality Mom said...

Yes it made me feel good too knowing that the big guys care what the little guys think of their product.

Mellisa Rock said...

Glad to hear that such a big company has such great customer service!! :)

Happy Mailbox Monday!!