October 12, 2010

Hello Friends!

Yes I realize it's been a few months since we last saw each other but well life got in the way. I would love to say I have been on trips around the world but no just trying to hang on to my sanity during a difficult time.  Being laid off and only working part time tends to make a person lose themselves in the midst of the sadness.  But what I have realized is I have missed writing each day.  This time though it won't be just about the deals, it will also be about my life and raising a 10 year old boy. 

I will still show you the great deals I get and pass on information about other deals when I can.  I will also show you how I have managed to keep the cabinets full despite the money flow I was used to.  Plus Christmas is fast approaching and I will show you how I am giving my son a good Christmas without a lot of out of pocket expense.

During these months of not working a lot I have been learning how to cook more from scratch and less from box and will probably show you dishes from time to time. 

I have been getting to know my son better and spending lots more time with him, enjoying this time until I have a full time job that doesn't allow the spontaneous trips we have gotten used to.

I have taught myself to knit and I am currently working on a shawl that I hope to finish before my son graduates high school.   I have read lots, tends to happen working part time at a library. I haven't done a lot cross stitch wise but I am getting back to it since I am making bookmarks for those I work with on a daily basis. 

I was also lucky to go on a trip this past June to the east coat and hope to have a post about that soon.

Well I have think I have said enough for now but know you will be seeing me more and I won't be a stranger anymore. Have a great day everybody.