October 13, 2010

It Smells Like BENGAY

Nothing says morning than the smell of BENGAY.  I thought I had years before I had to start my mornings with a nice slather of arthritis cream in order to move.  Apparently though I was wrong and for the past two mornings I have rubbed it on my shoulder due to lack of movement.  

I wish I would have listened when others said take care of yourself while your young.  But no I played hard and now at 31 I am paying for my sins of my youth.  Things pop, creak, and moan when I move.  I can predict the weather better than the weatherman at times.  Normally it's my back or neck but this time I get to add shoulder to the list.  Apparently passing out and sleeping on one side tends to make your shoulder go stiff and refuse to move.  

Though I have discovered a second use for BENGAY, it will open your sinuses better than anything out there first thing in the morning.  Of course it also guarantees no one will mess with you because the smell is so strong no one wants to get close to you.  So I am off to doctor my arm and pretend to get things done until the 10 year old comes home and I go off for a night of work at the library.  Have a great pain free day everybody.