October 14, 2010


Have you ever had those days where your to do list is calling you but finding the motivation to answer is a bit of a challenge?  Today is one of my full days off from the library when my precious child is off learning or at least pretending to be learning.  Normally these days are filled with organizing grocery lists, going to the grocery store, completing shopping lists for a board I belong to, cleaning the house, planning menus, organizing coupons,  thinking of things to say on here now that I am back to writing, along with other things that are easier to do without the presence of a child.

Instead I am sitting here watching Oprah and half attempting working on my grocery lists for tomorrow and this weekend.  I have finally managed to finalize them and now must pull coupons that I need for each store.  The day is slipping away and before I know it, it will be time to go pick up my son and do the dinner and homework gig  that is required of me.

Plus Thursday's seem more busy when he gets home because I work Wednesday nights and so I only have about an hour to talk to him before I head out the door, not returning until he is in bed.  So we have things that weren't discussed the day before on top of things that happened today.  It's even more crazy the weekend he goes to his Nana's from Friday after school until Sunday before dinner.

So I somehow must find the motivation I so need to get the things that need to get done before the mom hat comes back on this afternoon.  Sometimes I find myself wearing more than one hat at a time and know that is all part of being a mom.  Have a great day everybody, I am off to find my motivation.