February 8, 2010

Mailbox Monday 2/8


I am finally getting mail at the new house and nothing makes me smile more than receiving freebies in the mail! I only got three things but three very valuable things and before long more will start arriving.

1 Coupon For A Free Bag of Stacy's Pita Chips (Recieved awhile back for becoming Facebook Fan)

1 Coupon Book From Conagra Foods (Still available here)

1 Nestle Taster Choice Sampler Instant Coffee (Still available here)

For more great Mailbox Freebies go here


Debra said...

HI.....and thanks so much for joining us in Mailbox Monday!! :-) We love making new blogging friends.

I haven't yet gotten the coupon booklet but hopefully it will arrive any day now....I'll be on the lookout since you've gotten it.

I look forward to getting to know you!


Frugality Mom said...

Hi Debra, there are some great coupons this time around. A few of them are for Healthy Choice and even Hunt's Tomatoes. I am glad I can go back to participating again I really enjoy doing Mailbox Monday.

Maria Lopez said...

Happy MM! I got the Conagra coupon and the recipes are nice too.

Frugality Mom said...

I agree Maria, with the right sale we could get a great deal with the coupons this time!

Mellisa Rock said...

HI!! Welcome to Mailbox Monday!!

Let me tell ya something -- I LOVE THE STACY'S!! LOL -- they didn't last more than a day in my house -- now we do have 6 people living here -- but to be honest...I might have eaten half the bag myself shhh!!

They were fantastic!!

Happy Mailbox Monday!!

tds said...

Happy Mailbox Monday! I got that ConAgra book, too, and I thought they had some pretty good looking recipes in there that I'm anxious to try out. ;-)

Frugality Mom said...

Mellisa, I can't wait to try these chips after your review. I always like having other's opinion when it comes to new products.

Frugality Mom said...

TDS the receipes do look very yummy, I have to agree on that.